Delicious cuisine in a historical setting

 A de Arco Restaurant is located in charming, historic city of Mérida. The restaurant lies on a World Heritage monument: Arco de Trajano. From its unique terrace, visitors can enjoy a truly one-of-a-kind view of the city.

We combine tradition, quality and creativity to offer an innovative, elevated style of Extremadura cuisine

Our Gastronomic Experience

Awards and honours

 Plato Michelin

Recomended by Guía Repsol

Cooking Award

by the Asociación Extremeña de Gastronomía

Recommended by Tapas Magazine

Gastronomic Events

Each year we present a Gastronomic calendar with diferent options every month.


We organize tastings with the collaboration of wineries and partners in the most appropriate way by our kitchen team.

Activities merged with other restaurants

We enjoy organizing different gastronomic events